Carneval de Boca Chica

Boca Chica Carnival

February 23, 2013

A Carlos Fernandez Dish
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The Carneval de Boca Chica is the friendliest, most accessible, most open, most people friendly, free for all of a parade and carnival celebration I’ve ever participated in.

Mardi Gras in New Orleans and Rio are bigger, more elaborate and trending toward corporate.  Hotel rooms are impossible to find.

The Caribbean Day parade in Brooklyn is too tightly controlled.

The NY Halloween parade has morphed into a huge spectator event and lost its most creative participants to Aids.

Venice carnival is exquisite but incredibly subdued

Woodstock was wet and muddy, and far too many people to enjoy the festival music.

Vail Co was far too cold and expensive

San Francisco was overwhelming Gay, not bad but quite bawdy and many of the pretty girls were guys.

Macy’s Thankgiving Parade and the Rose Bowl Parade are completely corporate.

In the Dominican Republic, La Vega, San Pedro, and Santo Domingo are bigger, louder, less accessible and way too frenetic.

Boca Chica has fantastic costumes like Rio and Brooklyn.

Boca Chica has community participation blurring the lines between spectators and parade participants.

Boca Chica has many pretty girls who are girls and some nasty looking ones that are not.

Boca Chica has lots of children with adorable homemade costumes.

All of the participants court photographers posing willingly, enthusiastically, devoid of guile.

Boca Chica Carnival Parade ends at golden hour on the broad expanse of beach, cooling everyone off with a mild Caribbean sea breeze and lighting photographs with the warms glow of the setting sun. Then the music begins in earnest.

Even the gringo’s feel as if they are part of celebration.

Boca Chica is in the Dominican Republic, 6 miles from the main airport and 22 miles from the Capital City, Santo Domingo, very accessible with lots of inexpensive hotel rooms, and restaurants.

Boca Chica like the fairy tale, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, not to hot, not too cold not too hard, not to soft, BUT JUST RIGHT!

Story and Photos by Charles Fernandez

Electric Slide
Simon Says Cross Your Legs
Boy in the Band
Sympathy for the Drummer
Sailing Along
Red Devil
Looking for Minni
Blue Devil
Red Devil
Masked by the Sea
Come Back Little Sheba
Bears ouf for a Stroll
Morgan Freeman
Kissed by an Angle