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Charles Fernandez lives in Chelsea on Manhattan Island, NYC
Chuck, Carlos, Charles, & Uncle Charlie Fernandez Through the Years


Video/DVD Producer/Director Tobin Productions, Inc. New York. Gratefully Retired-But NOT Gratefully Dead. Personal Video Projects in the Works: Writing Memoirs, Researching Ancestry, Organizing AHS Class of 1964 "Opus 50" Lifeworks Project, Writing and traslating for BocaChicaPlaya, Teaching Spanish in the Dominican Republic! Yes, that's right, SPANISH, Not English. Quien Sabe? Kimosabe.



SUNY New Paltz 1969 · History, Languages, Literature, Sciences, Communication, Vietnam.



Ardsley High School Class of 1964.


Personal Stories

Boca Chica Carnival D.R. February 23, 2013

The Carneval de Boca Chica is the friendliest, most accessible, most open, most people friendly, free for all of a parade and carnival celebration I’ve ever participated in.


What to See in Cuba, Before it Changes

1997, Havana, Cuba, an intriguing city, frozen by Fidelism in 1959, much as old Prague was frozen by Stalinism, and Venice finished by Renaissance wealth in the 16th century. The old streets are quiet. One can hear the life of the city, people talking, music, a sense of tranquility, absence of automobiles, yet there the life and vitality of a cosmopolitan, energetic and visually stunning though decrepit city.


Rum - Rhum - Ron

Rum in English, Rhum in French, and Ron in Spanish began as a Romani word “rum”, meaning "strong" or "potent. In Pirate slang it became "Rumbillon” for a drink inciting violence, tumult, and uproar. It was re-contracted in English to mean “the best" as in "having a rum time."



We do not know exactly when tobacco was grown and smoked for the first time, but we know it was in the Caribbean and Central America. The first records of tobacco use come from the Maya. As the various tribes migrated they took the custom with them. 
The etymology of the word Tobacco may derive from the island of Tobago or from the Mexican province of Tabasco. From the Mayan word sikar signifying the ceremony of smoking came the Spanish "Cigarro." Finally the Caribbean Taino’s called the tobacco plant “Cohiba." which became the name of a most prestigious brand of Cuban cigars. 


Caribbean: a World of Sounds

To imagine a silent Caribbean world would be like drinking flat champagne, unbearable as chalk screeching  on the blackboard. Here everything pulses with sound: women chatting in the markets or a salon, incessant blowing of car horns, animated and theatrical discussions over dominos or beer, thunder during sudden downpours, and children playing in the streets. Sounds and correspondent colors are always in the air ready to be inhaled. 


Las Terrenas

2007, Las Terrenas is a lovely little town with good accomodations in the north-western side of the Samana peninsula, right in the middle of some of the best known Dominican Beaches, 15 miles of tropical paradise, easy to enjoy, and with many interesting daily excursions available. Since the new highway is done, It takes just 2 hours to reach Las Terrenas from downtown Santo Domingo.

Las Terrenas beach
Charles Fernandez, Boca Chica Beach
by Charles Fernandez
In the Pool at Las Tejas Villas, Boca Chica

The Origins of Lloyds

of London Investment Society

by Charles Fernandez


Montechino Castle

Italian Medieval Castle

a place where dreams are made

by Charles Fernandez