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Walking Up And Down Duarte Downtown Street

The road that runs through Boca Chica from east to west, parallel to the beach, it's called Calle Duarte and it's the nightlife center of Boca Chica.

The beauty of Duarte is that turns into a pedestrian zone from 7 pm to 6 am, from sunset to night you can stroll among the tables of the bars and restaurants that fill the street.

Here you can find all the time even better company with which to spend the evening, beautiful girls, including rum, merengue and bachata.

Duarte by night
Coming from Oasis Hamaca Resort & Casino, the bar on the beach of the Isla Bonita, open day and night.
And happy hour .. a visit to a beautiful restaurant ...
The Boat House bar restaurant overlooking the beach, Hamilton Hotel under new management, with internet point and input also from Duarte.
Continuing a short distance, the characteristic disco bar El Batey.
Then the Italian restaurant Gusto Tropical (with hotel in the same management) with a great value for money.
Route 66, bar with rock music at the weekend.
El Oceano, bar in perfect Caribbean style.
The characteristic Italian restaurant Trastevere.
Continuing, the romantic restaurant (with rooms) Pequeña Suiza where you can enjoy delicious dishes of meat, fondue and delicious desserts.
Almost opposite the restaurant bakery Tucantu.
A little more forward, the National Bureau of Tourism.
On the other side of Duarte, Gilda Lounge Bar.
Continuing, New Pizza, pizzeria (with wood stove) and spaghetti.
The Gallery, with Western Union, exchange office, central telephone / internet, pharmacy, souvenir shops, clothing, photos, hairdresser.
And for lovers of Italian flavors, the cuisine of Punto Italia.
Immediately after the two outlets of the phone companies Orange and Claro (formerly Codetel) with a wide range of phones on display.
The window of the shop Orange (pictured right), Claro the shop window and the interior.
The tavern Oca Martina, Italian restaurant with excellent value for money.
The Ristorantino, Italian restaurant with typical cuisine of Romagna.
The main square with its beautiful park, the pretty Catholic church and the minibus stop Boca Chica-Santo Domingo.
The headquarters of the Banco Popular, and that of Western Union.
In the face a typical cigar shop and the offices of the side Politur (Tourist Police). To the side, the pharmacy of Dr. Sanchez, well stocked.
The entrance to the Hotel Don Juan (all included) and a quaint gift shop.
Finally, the exclusive private beach restaurant bar Sporting Club.
the Mad House bar, with billiard room, and the Liqueur Store.
La Criolla bar
Piano Plaza disco


Las Palmeras Apartments from $50 (US) per apt. per night
1 / 2 / 3 A/C bedrooms, 1 / 2 / 3 bathrooms
in the most exclusive area of Boca Chica
Villas Las Estrellas from $120 (US) per villa per night
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hotels index guide nightlife restaurants beach