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Pequeña Suiza

Recommended for dinner on Duarte street at night:

Walking along Duarte you will come across:

The Boat House, bar and restaurant.

Village on the Beach, restaurant and bar.
La Terraza, good restaurant and pizza.

Gusto Tropical (photos), good and inexpensive Italian cuisine with Italian live music and karaoke. Also hotel.

Frio Frio. Superb Italian gelato at half the price of gelato in Milan.

Mambroki Pizza. Good Italian pizza.

Pequeña Suiza, restaurant and bar (with private A/C rooms), gourmet Italian cuisine and special Swiss meats and cheeses.

Agua y Sal, new restaurant and bar with good cuisine, central.
Tucantu, good and inexpensive restaurant, steak house, bakery.
Romana, previously Trastevere, typical Italian restaurant with good typical Roman cuisine: exceptional bucatini alla amatriciana.
Ristorantino, excellent Italian cuisine in the center of Boca Chica.
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