Boca Chica Beach

Where is it ?

The Boca Chica Beach is located on the south coast of the Dominican Republic, 10 kilometers from Las Americas, and 35 kilometers from the capital Santo Domingo.


A unique beach

Boca Chica has one of the most beautiful beaches of the Dominican Republic. The sand is white and soft, the water is calm, clear and shallow.

Its waters form an inlet that stretches for over a kilometer and a half. About 500 yards offshore is a reef in the shape of a semicircle, forming a large natural pool shallow. The reef acts as a natural breakwater to the Caribbean Sea, so the cove is usually calm as a mirror.

Boca Chica Bay

How is it ?

Sunbeds, umbrellas (but there are also palm trees) free for the guests of the many restaurants, bars and pizzerias beachfront, along the coast. Alternatively, large areas of beach with the possibility to buy at $3 (US)/$4 (about 100-150 pesos) excellent dishes of fresh tropical fruits.

It ranges from the simplicity of stalls where Dominicans buy yaniqueques (similar to fried dumplings) at half dollar (about 25 pesos) to the high quality of the restaurant Sporting Club of Michele.

The beach of Boca Chica at 11 am

Hotel on the beach

Arena Coco Playa, boutique hotel on the beach a hundred feet from the sea, A/C rooms and mini-suites, bar and restaurant. Madejra apart-hotel, 20 meters from the beach and Duarte in the center of Boca Chica, A/C rooms, apartments and suites, wi-fi, sea view.

Boca Marina Restaurant

Beach life

Nice to look at and great for walking and swimming. Many facilities with long stretches of beach.


Clean sea

Excellent conditions of the sea in Boca Chica Beach. According to the Ministry of the Environment and Public Health.



Very helpful and patient instructors of English and Italian diving schools in Boca Chica, are available for beginners as for experienced divers courses for every level and / or group dives in the various parks: La Caleta National Marine Park, Catalina Island.

Diving at Catalina island

Deep sea fishing

The boats for deep sea fishing, and most of the water sports of the beach are focused around the pier. At the end of the pier is a nice outdoor bar, accessible to all. The deep sea fishing is a great adventure.


This sea naturally calm, clear and shallow, ideal for swimming and all sorts of water sports, it's great to go pedal boating, canoeing, banana trolling and water-skiing. Personal watercraft are confined to the edge of the beach, away from the Hotel and swimmers.
It is a sea particularly suitable for small children.
a beach for everybody