Pico Duarte, Central Cordillera

top Caribbean mountain 3174 meters

adventure, ecotourism, trekking
at the top of the more high mountain of the Dominican Republic

Pico Duarte is located in the Central Cordillera, Cibao region.

There are many tracks to reach the top, the most famous is La Mata Grande, that starts from San Josè de la Matas, and is 28 miles long.

Others tracks start from Costanza, Jarabacoa, Las Lagunas and Sabaneta.

Central Cordillera

In the surrounding zone, born the most important rivers of Dominican Republic, Rio Blanco, Rio Yaque del Sur, Rio Mao, Rio Mijo.

The climate is characterizated by the trade winds that, coming from North-East, often bring many storm clouds.

Because of the rainy tropical climate, the best period to visit the Pico Duarte is from December to April, when the rains are least frequents.

Yaque del Sur river
On the top there is a bronze statue dedicated to Juan Pablo Duarte (January 26, 1813 - July 15, 1876), country founding father, sculpted by Josè Ramòn Rotellini .
Juan Pablo Duarte
The climb require a good training, adventurous spirit, mountain clothes, canvas and camping gear, sleeping bag, canned food and an expert guide. The climb and the descent require two-three days.
Those who wish effortlessly to enjoy the beauty of the scenary and the peace of the place, can climb on a mule.
climb on a mule