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Santo Domingo new city
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Acropolis shopping center

Even if new Santo Domingo is rich in hotels, restaurants, cinema and theatres, stores, casino, discos and night clubs, however offers several interesting places.

Mercado Modelo, in Mella street, behind the Colonial City, with sale of local handicrafts,pictures, souvenir.

Palacio Nacional, in Doctor Delgado street, seat of the government.

Jardin Botanico, in Arroyo Hondo, with the most big floral clock all over the world and a beautiful Japanese garden.

Plaza de la Cultura, in Gazcue, with Teatro Nacional, Galeria de Arte Moderna, Cineteca, Museo de Historia Natural, Museo de Historia y Geografia and Museo del Hombre Dominicano.

In front of this museum three statues symbol of Dominican history: Enriquillo, a Indio rebel against the Spanish conquerors, Lemba, a black that breaks the bonds of the slavery of his people, and Bartolomeo de Las Casas, a Spanish preacher that in vain fighted for the defense of the Taino indios.

Faro de Colon, inaugurated in 1992 on the occasion of the Fifth Centenary of America discovery, that contains Cristoforo Colombo ashes, is lighted by laser lights that cast in the sky an immense luminous cross visible at wide distance (70 km), has a cross plan and is of enormous dimensions, 230 meters lenght, 70 meters width and 70 meters high. Was planed by John L. Gleave, English architect. On the mausoleumlevel ground, on October 12 Papa Giovanni Paolo II celebrated Mass, on the occasion of the transport of Colombo ashes from the Cathedral.

Finally, in the suburbs, on the right bank of Ozama river, Los Tres Ojos, natural cavern with three small subterranean lakes.

harbor way
cruise ships berthed
Malecon boulevard
Hilton hotel (left) and Malecon Center
Avenida George Washington (Malecon)
Mercado Modelo
Mercado Modelo
Parque Mirador del Este
Faro de Colon
Centro de Los Heroes ("Feria")
Centro de Los Heroes
Centro de Los Heroes
Centro de Los Heroes
Bolita del Mundo Feria
Boulevard del Expreso de la 27 de Febrero
Palacio Nacional, seat of government
Museo del Hombre Dominicano and the statues symbol of the country
the three statues: Enriquillo, Lemba, Bartolomeo de Las Casas
Galeria de Arte Moderna
Biblioteca Nacional
Acuario Nacional
Jardin Botanico
Los Tres Ojos



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